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When I first connected to the source energy within me, I realised that it was always there, it had been patiently waiting for me to connect.  When I learned to connect to this way of being on a daily basis, and the energy grew within me, I realised that the way I felt inside reflected my surroundings and my life changed in an amazing way.  I am still learning, but there is no way I would want to change the way I feel inside.  It is my utmost desire in this life time to carry on becoming more of whom I am supposed to be; to flourish into a fully-fledged human being in this life time.  We are all mortal and I wake up in the morning being thankful to have an opportunity to express my creativity.  Keep smiling!

Everything you need is within you.

unforunately in the world today, we know how to do a lot of things, but most people do not know how to work their own body's from within.  I would say that we are gifted from the earth, the most sophisticated computer on the planet and that is our body.  

We go looking outside for solutions and have never realised that if we did but look, the answers lie within.  Is it not in the bible "know thyself".  How we expereince life on this planet is determined, I would say, by how you are within yourself.  For example, the clothes that you wear, the car that you have parked outside your house, your home, and what kind of home you have, is not what determines your quality of life.  

At this very moment it is how happy you are feeling, how joyful, how blissful you are feeling inside of yourself, that determines how  you feel about life.  The majority of the world's inhabitans are looking for fixes outside of themselves, because they think by fixing things on the outside they will be happy on the inside.  I would say, we all, on a deep level know that this will not work.  It is time for us to go within and learn to be happy within outselves, then this will be reflected to our outside world.

Meditation, breath alignment, light body and Radiance are all tools to bring us back to a state of joy within ourselves, so that we can resonate our essence out into the world and live a more joyful, happier life.


The best place to relax

Finding the time to go inwards and relax for 20 minutes every day is a must for everyone.  Attached is a download of breath alignment for you to enjoy.  Be happy, don't worry!


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