The method that I use uses the energy of life, Qi, The Field, Prana, or numerous other names are used to describe it.  I tap into the field and use the quantum energy field to balance the energy field; stimulate the immune system; eliminate pain, then regenerate the body and finally heal.  Healing is on a deep level and the immune system returns to its proper place and functions as it was originally intended to do.

Energy healing can be done in groups or individually.  There is a choice of either having the therapy for four consecutive days or once a week for four weeks.  Depending on the illness, as people heal at different rates.



This is my cat Maestro, found covered in oil, destitute.  He is now a happy chap, living the good life.  He certainly knows how to relax.

What does anyone want in their life?  Is it not pleasantness within and pleasantness without?  The fundamental key is to have the pleasantness within, as then your surroundings become pleasant as well.  it is a frame of mind, and the inner person can be re-engineered to become the person you were born to be.

For Healing sessions on this website, please text: 07934003765

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