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Animal Healing Sessions

All kinds of pets and farm animals catered for

In the past fifteen years, I must have given energy healing sessions to about 200 horses, loads of dogs and cats and even one time found myself in France amongst a herd of cows, giving a healing session to a cow; only to find the bull of the herd (and we were in an enormous open fenced barn at the time) standing behind me watching me give healing to one of his lady cows; the farmer said he was friendly.

On occasion, when staying at my house in France, I receive calls to heal hunting dogs.  I find that upsetting as they are not kept in the best of conditions.

The procedure for the healing session is exactly the same as I carry out on humans.  I find the animals relax into it very easily as they do not have the hang ups that we humans have.

I also do remote sessions on animals.


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