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Energy Healing

I started out as a stenographer and then moved bit by bit into energy healing, as I found it a more satisfying career.  I studied for a year, learning about the energy pathways in the body and their connections to the chakras.  I then went to Slovenia to study under Zdenko Domancic and his team, to see if there was any difference between what I had learnt and what he was teaching.  I have also been involved in teaching the Light Body, as taught by https://www.orindaben.com and went on to become a Radiance teacher, so I have learnt to hold the field of energy in order to facilitate change within the energy field and the bodily system.  I work face to face or remotely, there actually is no difference.

I have, however, developed my own energy healing sessions that have come through me, and I concentrate more on re-aligning the damaged templates within the various energy fields which make up our unique energy bodies and human body and work with the soul within the individual, to bring them to a place of being, which has long been forgotten through millennia, so that they can heal and become more of who they were born to be, leaving behind the distorted energetic templates of ancestry and the templates that have been forced on us from various nefarious entities.



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"I was due to undergo surgery for a pro-lapsed disk, 10 sessions with Jacqueline and I could do up my shoe laces and no longer needed surgery.  I have made a full recovery."

Marketing Manager, London

"I was going through a divorce when I had sessions with Jacqueline.  I found that after two sessions I was not stressed and took everything that came my way in my stride.  I would not hesitate in having more sessions should I need them.

Secretary, London

"I had been suffering with high blood pressure for years, and with Jacqueline's help I lowered my blood pressure and was on my doctor's advice able to lower and eventually stop the blood pressure tablets"

G Mc
Consultant, London

"I had been suffering from pain in my joints and was advised by my personnel department to seek help from Jacqueline.  I had 14 sessions with Jacqueline.  My doctor had prescribed heavy pain killers.  By the end of the 14th session, I was pain free and was no longer needing to take medication"

Personnel Director, London

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